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A simple excel-to-json document converter (using legacy .NET Framework)
This package contains input- and output adapters for Microsoft Excel-Workbooks
A simple excel-to-json document converter
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Plugins available for the Core framework
Developer's Basic Utilities
Dynamic Multiple Column Searching and Sorting for Jquery DataTables Asp.Net Core Server Side
Bnsights.Tools.Excel is Helper DLL for manipulating Microsoft Excel documents in Bnsights. It is a prat of Bnsights Business Solutions Framework (BBSF).
This package implements bespoke routines necessary for a detailed analysis of the various components deployed to a CRM instance.
An extension library for ClosedXML to allow for quick and easy bulk data extraction from Excel Workbooks into various formats.
Export Excel sheet data to Xml/Json using ClosedXML.
Exporta un archivo de excel apartir de un dataset, la salida puede ser un archivo o un Stream. Export an excel file from a dataset, the output can be a file or a Stream.
Provides data access to Excel Open XML files.
Excel Helper will allow you to export to Excel from List of T and Parse Excel to List of T with custom validation and highlighting options.
This library contains a Guid Generator, a change tracking model, a tracking message model, some extension methods, and a helper class used for progress reporting during async operations.
Export lists to excel mvc
Common libraries to handle logging, exceptions and file manipulation