Top 20 NuGet owin Packages

A library for enabling ASP.Net Identity to work with Umbraco front-end members. Original code used a SqlCe data store. This one uses a MySql database rather than a Sql CE database
An owin middleware for JWT tokens and optional cookie parsing with an owin signin delegate.
OWIN support for Sitecore
Lazy authentication OAuth2 allows you to easily add OAuth to your owin projects.
Saml2 IdP Owin Middleware
Aes data protection provider for Microsoft.Owin.Security.
A Trello OAuth provider for OWIN to use with ASP.NET
Middlewares to help secure your apps
Container4Asp.Net provides generalized IoC Container integration for Asp.Net and the OWIN stack, allowing for consistent inclusion of IoC implementations into Asp.Net.
Simple static file middleware for owin.
The TradeMe OAuth provider OWIN middleware
EventSource logging for LightNode(as Micro REST/RPC Framework).
A library for Microsoft.Owin app with Razor views
EmbedIO can use the OWIN platform in two different approach: You can use EmbedIO as OWIN server and use all OWIN framework with EmbedIO modules. or You can use OWIN Middleware into EmbedIO as a module.
Owin middleware to make your webpages look cuter. This might dramatically increase the traffic and pageviews on your website.
A OWIN server for the Azure Service Bus Relay
Initialization module infrastructure with built-in dependency graph support.
This is a simple class for spinning up an ASP.Net Web API self host. I use it regularly within my test code.
Owin Middleware to set an x-made-with header to <3
Additional WalletOne OAuth2 provider for Katana (OWIN).