Top 20 NuGet XML Packages

Carbon is a PowerShell module for automating the configuration Windows 7, 8, 2008, and 2012 and automation the installation and configuration of Windows applications, websites, and services. It can configure and manage: * Local users and groups * IIS websites, virtual directories, and application...
ASP.NET Core MVC formatters for XML input and output using DataContractSerializer and XmlSerializer. This package was built from the source at:
NeuChar SDK 跨平台信息交互标准
A library for building REST API client wrappers to be used by .NET Standard 1.3+ apps.
Restores Newtonsoft.JSON as the default serializer for RestSharp.
Lightweight and implementation-free interfaces for DTO's, providers and adapters.
.NET Standard 2.0 version of ServiceStack
Peachpie PHP language library functions for XML processing.
Binaries for the StackExpress web framework. Visit and for walk throughs and docs on creating your first web service.
File provider for Entity Framework Core (to be used for development purposes)
Windows.Forms per FatturaElettronica.NET
Provides integration with the ServiceStack framework.
YAXLib is an XML Serialization library which allows the programmer to structure freely the XML result, choose the fields to serialize (public, or non-public properties, or member variables), serialize all known generic and non-generic collections, serialize different kinds of arrays (single-dimensio...
WebMarkupMin.AspNet.Common is auxiliary package, that contains classes and interfaces for all ASP.NET extensions.
WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore2 contains one ASP.NET Core 2.X Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
Xml, json, CSV and form url encoded serializer for .NET.
Command line tool that post processes XML documentation files to support an <inheritdoc /> tag allowing inheriting XML comments from base types, interfaces, and similar methods. Works with .NET Framework, .NET Standard, and .NET Core projects. See the separate InheritDocLib NuGet package for a progr...
Stimulsoft Reports.Web is a reporting tool designed to create and render reports in Web. Stimulsoft Reports.Web will provide the complete cycle of report designing, starting with report templates and ending with showing them in a browser. And this can be done without closing a web browser. Stimulsof...
Non-official extensions for XPath2.dll
Provides JSON and XML serialization infrastructure using the ServiceStack.Text implementation.