Top 20 NuGet XML Packages

Read data from strings in XML/JSON/YAML/CSV formats into a tree structure. Create data nodes manually and serialize it back to those formats.
A set of helper classes and methods for compiler-generated XML documentation retrieval.
Zephyr is the namespace for utility libraries in Synapse. The DataTransformation utilitiy library supports YAML/JSON/XML transformation capability.
Contains the Vasont Inspire SDK Client for integrating with Vasont Inspire.
This package implements the Serialization provider contracts for serializers supported in full ASP.NET 4.5 framework
This package implements the Serialization provider contracts for serializers for Json.NET
This package implements the Dynamic Serialization of json objects
The Cuemon.Serialization.Xml assembly is a member of the Cuemon .NET Standard family and provides XML serialization.
A simple library which is designed to make working with files more efficent and reliable.
Formatting and naming convention rules for Firestorm.Endpoints.
XML file to configure NLog to use a Cassandra database as a target.
.NET klasser för generering av XML-filer med intensivvårdsdata till Svenska Intensivvårdsregistret.
Oxbind is an XML deserializer using APIs of .NET Standard 1.3.
Stimulsoft Reports.UWP is a reporting tool that is developed for Windows Universal App. Rich capabilities of rendering, viewing, printing and exporting reports – it's all about Stimulsoft Reports.UWP. The product uses the reports engine for creating reports which is based on the many years experienc...
WebMarkupMin.AspNet4.Mvc contains 4 action filters: `MinifyHtmlAttribute` (for minification of HTML code), `MinifyXhtmlAttribute` (for minification of XHTML code), `MinifyXmlAttribute` (for minification of XML code) and `CompressContentAttribute` (for compression of text content by using GZIP or Def...
YAXLib is an XML Serialization library which allows the programmer to structure freely the XML result, choose the fields to serialize (public, or non-public properties, or member variables), serialize all known generic and non-generic collections, serialize different kinds of arrays (single-dimensio...
Binaries for the StackExpress web framework. Visit and for walk throughs and docs on creating your first web service.
Auto document all of your WEB APIs and centralize documentation using API platform.
WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore1 contains one ASP.NET Core 1.X Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
Host ServiceStack side-by-side with an existing ASP.NET MVC application at the path '/api'. ServiceStack is a modern, high-performance, code-first web service framework promoting code and web services best practices. Simple, Fast, Elegant. Website: