Top 20 NuGet XML Packages

XML files extensions for Etl.Net
Adds a powerful XML and DTD parser to AngleSharp.
Reusable application framework for creating single page applications that graphically manage XML documents.
WebMarkupMin.AspNet4.HttpModules contains 4 HTTP-modules: `HtmlMinificationModule` (for minification of HTML code), `XhtmlMinificationModule` (for minification of XHTML code), `XmlMinificationModule` (for minification of XML code) and `HttpCompressionModule` (for compression of text content by using...
The CData XML Data Provider allows you to display XML files in a table format. Just specify your credentials to retrieve XML data and display it in a table.
Contains the core support functions for the Vasont Inspire API library.
Contains the core database entity model and support functions for the Vasont Inspire API.
Contains additional models for data entites within the Vasont Inspire API.
Contains support service and business related functions of the Vasont Inspire API.
Contains supporting functions used by the Extract/Load API libraries.
Serialize and deserialize easly from XDocument, XmlDocument and CSV.
Vantive XML Express for .NET (VXEN) is a .NET based SDK for interacting with the Vantive XML Express API.
An alternative configuration handler.
Read data from strings in XML/JSON/YAML/CSV formats into a tree structure. Create data nodes manually and serialize it back to those formats.
JsonFx serialization framework
SgmlReader is a versatile C# .NET library written by Chris Lovett for parsing HTML/SGML files using the XmlReader API.
A library for building REST API client wrappers to be used by .NET Standard 1.3+ apps.
Package Description
XMLUnit provides you with the tools to verify the XML you emit is the one you want to create. It provides helpers to validate against an XML Schema, assert the values of XPath queries or compare XML documents against expected outcomes.
This is the Elision sitemap XML feature package to reference if you are building a module or other code that just needs to reference Elision sitemap XML feature. If you need to install Elision's sitemap XML feature, use the Elision.Feature.SitemapXml package instead.