Top 20 NuGet XML Packages

Simple .NET EDI X12 Reader, Writer and Validator. EDI JSON and XML Serialization and Deserialization.
The LoggerLite is a .NET Core and .NET classic compatible solution, featuring one interface ILogger, handfull of implementations and a passive debouncer. The solution is a thin wrapper around .NET FileStreaming, XDocument, Console and other classes. Currently, the project contains following implemen...
Auto document all of your WEB APIs and centralize documentation using API platform.
A .NET port of BeanIO which perfectly fits into the .NET world.
Serialize and deserialize easly from XDocument, XmlDocument and CSV.
Contains tools for simple XML validation using embedded XML schemas and transformation using embedded XSL transformations.
Application localization services and default implementation based on XmlResourceManager to load localization strings from XML files.
Helpers for testing code that uses ConfigurationManager.AppSettings
This package contains experimental support for configuring parts of the test engine by using ${xmlunit.KEYWORD} sequences inside the control document.
Библиотека для чтение данных из файлов КОМПАС-3D (cdw spw)
.NET Core global tool that post processes XML documentation files to support an <inheritdoc/> tag allowing inheriting XML comments from base types, interfaces, and similar methods. Works with .NET Framework, .NET Standard, and .NET Core projects. See the separate InheritDocLib NuGet package fo...
XmlToObjectConverter converts an XmlDocument or string to an object graph. The way to map XML to classes is easier than the classic ways in .NET. XmlHelper allows you to access XML in a null-safe and multiplicity-safe way. It uses XmlDocument as the underlying .NET API.
A simple wrapper which makes converting to and from XML easier.
The logic which can be utilised to build a Compser app/extension
PDF Focus .Net is .Net assembly which provides you API functions to convert PDF to All: PDF to Word (DOCX, RTF). PDF to Images (Multipage TIFF, PNG, Jpeg and so forth). PDF to Excel, XLS. PDF to HTML. PDF to XML. PDF to Text.
A collection of .Net utilities for Xml
A *SIGNED* library for building REST API client wrappers to be used by .NET Standard 1.1+ apps.
Package Description
This is an upgrade of the SgmlReader library to the .NetStandard 2.0. Original repository:
Helpers to perform .config file XML transformations, and to test the resulting transformed XML (or actually any XML, whether it's .config format or not).