Top 20 NuGet XAML Packages

Part of the Coding4Fun Toolkit with only the Audio library. It provides an easy to use wrapper to get audio data from the microphone.
A set of useful XAML converters.
Collection of WPF shape controls
A collection of universally useful XAML value converters, behaviors, and styles.
A custom View Engine for ASP.NET MVC (2.0, 3.0 or newer) that allows Controller Action Methods to return dynamically generated images based on XAML markup. This requires .NET 4.0 or later.
Xaml based configuaration for the Enterprise Library Unity Application Block. Works both for the server and the client.
A control suite for some common things a Windows 8.1 XAML application might want to include such as a Flyout, Menu, Rating, Settings Pane, and other controls.
MetroChrome is a simple theme for WPF.
A Custom Content Control for Windows 8 app Settings Charm Flyouts.
A Metro Panning Custom Control
A Metro moving background
Multiple Platforms: GetElementRect, GetVisualChild, GetVisualAncestor, Enum extensions, RelayCommand, PropertyChangedBase Windows 8: Flyout, SettingsContractWrapper, LabeledProgressBar, KeyboardKiller Windows Phone: ReverseAutocompletePopup, StatusBarExtensions, CustomMessageBox .NET4.5: CustomMe...
Bob wasn't a great product for Microsoft but maybe Bob can add what's missing for Windows 8
Generic Pull Down to Refresh implementation for UWP.
Integrate the OneDrive API into your .NET App!
Set of classes for easy and powerful implementation / use of INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged based objects.
Add PullToRefresh behavior to ListView, GridView and more controls with ScrollViewer.
This is a modified version of MahApps.Metro specifically for Explore10
Universal Windows Platform Control and Utility library DEPRECATED This package is not supported anymore. All Controlls and Utilites have been moved to the official UWP Community Toolkit ( Please use it instead.
Useful UI controls to build windows store app. Supports: Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1.