Top 20 NuGet XAML Packages

Contains basic styles for WPF
A WPF control that dynamically renders its content from a XAML string.
XamlWatcher WPF
Add conditional tags to your Xaml files.
Multi-binding for XAML
Attached behaviour for selecting all text when a given text box is focused
This Package contains a extensible Map Control for WinRT (Windows 8.1 / Windows 8.1 Phone) Supported Maps: - OpenStreetMap
Blendrocks UI Toolkit for Windows Phone 8.1
The Cross-platform XAML Framework
This package contains a set of helper classes for WPF, XAML, and Mono applications that use the MVVM pattern.
Enables basic C# animation of XAML controls
Sparked Windows 8.1 Control library
Calendar control for Windows 10 WinRT/XAML, ported from the Silverlight Toolkit.
Gauge control for Windows 10.
A simple and customizable converter/extension from bool to Visibility for Wpf/XAML. It offers a markup extension (so you can use it inline in XAML without defining a resource) and easy custumizability of the conversion.
RichTextBlock.Html2Xaml adds a Html property to RichTextBlock controls, that translates Html formatted text on the fly to the subset of XAML that the RichTextBlock control supports, with just two source files that are simple to modify: one C#, one XSLT.
XAML based calendar control for WinRT / Windows Store Style application. Supports full custom styling and comes with a template you can easily customize. Supports all modes, including snapped with the default template.
MVVM Event to Action for your Windows 8 / Windows Phone projects
Part of the Coding4Fun Toolkit for Windows Phone with only the Network library. Items such as a GzipWebClient are in it.
Part of the Coding4Fun Toolkit with only the Storage library. It provides an easy to use wrapper open and save data via serialization.