Top 20 NuGet Windows Presentation Foundation Packages

Commonly Used Types: StringFilter AdvancedStringFilter TreeItemStringFilter
This a simple controls library that can be helpful to WPF application developers
Macroresolute Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Effects Library.
Analog Digit Display for WPF, showing rolling digits.
WPF MVC Framework
A small collection of special pixel shaders for WPF. Currently supported (more to come): Pixelate, RadialBlur and Ripple.
Adds MessageBox, InputBox, PasswordBox to your project (+password generator)
Adds PrintDialog wraper to your project (with preview window)
Easy localization of .NET applications. Demo on GitHub :
Control that allows to zoom WPF controls
Reference native PDFNet library directly without the PDFNetLoader.dll library as official release does. Supports only x86 and x64 platform target. Does not support AnyCPU target.
UWP Platform specific UI rendering ... part of effort to have cross platform UI stack based on XAML. Targets Windows 10 Tablet, Mobile, Xbox, PC scenarios.
SFML Platform specific UI rendering ... part of effort to have cross platform UI stack based on XAML. Targets Linux, MacOS and Windows Desktop scenarios. SFML offers widest range of cross platforms, build on top OpenGL.
A set of tools that provide the core components for building Applications in .NET with the Flux design pattern including a universal Dispatcher, Store implementation, and contracts to restrict the flow of data.
Basic Services and Resources Library for Silverlight and WPF
Custom themes and custom controls for WPF
Users can only write after the prompt. Built-in command completion by pressing TAB key, just register your commands. Pressing Enter key validates the input. Everything is event-based, so you can interface it easily without changing the code. Command and arguments are parsed. Arguments can be sim...
.NET library for Google Firebase (Auth, Database and Storage) with WPF/Windows Desktop app.
A framework to enable unit testing of WPF custom- and user controls
A WPF custom control resembling a hamburger menu control like known from smartphone and web applications.