Top 20 NuGet Windows Presentation Foundation Packages

WPF MVVM Binding Package. Features: AutoWireVmDataContext, AutoWireViewConrols. How to use:
NoMvvm is the bleeding edge of MVVM. Who wants to implement INotifyPropertyChanged or properties, let's use dynamic! NoMvvm makes heavy use of System.Dynamic and conventions to minimalize the code needed to hook up the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. It also enables TDD via the use of dynamic, as well...
Use these extensions to build Prism applications based on StructureMap
A library enables develop to create the geometry with the famous old turtle style drawing system
With this Silverlight and WPF control you can create interactive timelines. The control is inspired by Simile Timeline Control (which is implemented with ajax). It is completely based on templates and styles, so it is possible to provide different style for events and timeline itse...
ViewModeler is small yet powerful MVVM library for WPF that allows you to minimize boring coding. Property-changed notifications written by hand, sounds familiar? Get rid of all that and focus on application logic instead.
Silverlight 5 Persian DatePicker Control
Apex is a Control, MVVM and Utility library for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone projects. It provides a standardised framework for quick and effective MVVM based development.
BellaCode.Mvvm is a lightweight library for following the Model-View-ViewModel (M-V-VM) pattern.
Simple and Lightweight MVVM Toolkit for WPF
An MVVM toolkit that enables you to share the code and XAML files (unchanged!) between WPF and Silverlight and Windows Store Apps
Metro module for Gemini, integrating MahApps Metro window
MVVM Utils is a set of classes which extends existing MVVM Frameworks such as MVVM Light, Prism, Cinch. Only WPF supported.
A simple theme manager with optional UI user control for use in an WPF application.
SwissKnife.Windows is still under construction and currently does not contains any content.
A library for localizing WPF. Allows switching languages at run time.
Windows Presentation Foundation Loaders Library
Just a simple flat, borderless WPF window with all expected behavior.
ReflectX is a C# control that creates a Reflection of it's child Control no mater whatever it is.
Deprecated, use MvvmCube.