Top 20 NuGet Windows Presentation Foundation Packages

Modern Chrome is a library for .NET WPF applications that provides a custom ModernWindow base class for windows that mimics the look of Visual Studio 2017 with a custom chrome and glowing borders. The library does NOT (at least not yet...) provide styles and control templates for general controls an...
Provides a convenient way to run async tasks with proper callback and exception handling. This is especially useful when running async code from the UI context (e.g. WPF). Supports parallel Tasks, Cancellation as well as Dependency Injection. Commonly used Types: ITaskHelper TaskHelper TaskExtensio...
WPF Dispatcher fiber for Fibrous
Fody plugin that converts automatic C# property into WPF DependencyProperty during build. Unofficial fork with some fixes.
A MVVM framework.
Cake host for ClickTwice publishing, including the addin and all required libraries
Aurora Framework Container for docked views
EasyLib is a C# library containing many useful classes for common needs.
Create bindings directly from lambda expressions using CodeBinding
A toolkit for WPF for the Kinect for Windows SDK
Collection of WPF themes for DataGrid control plus some additional attached behavior. Together they make DataGrid look and behave like in Silverlight. Available themes: ExpressionLight, ExpressionDark, WhistlerBlue, etc.
MVVM implementation for WPF 4.0. NOTE: this is an initial release to the public meant for users already familiar with the DemiCode.Mvvm API. Online documentation is not yet available.
ItemsControl providing 2d / 3d cover flows and other flow layouts for WPF
A simple Windows icon manipulation library which allows 32-bit color .ico files to be saved.
IronCow is a library wrapping the Remember The Milk REST API into an MVVM-friendly .NET API.
A collection of universally useful XAML value converters, behaviors, and styles.
Do you use the Xceed WPF DataGrid and want to run tests against a virtualizing collection? You've probably noticed that the virtual items don't realize under test. The realization is tied to some voodoo inside the WPF implementation. I've found that by pumping the WPF dispatcher you can make the vir...
The file generates strongly-typed helpers for page navigation via NavigationService in WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and WinRT. It is inspired by the T4MVC project.
OLinq is a project to provide a Linq Queryable provider implementation for operating on ObservableCollections or other INotifyCollectionChanged supporting lists. The output of OLinq is an ObservableView which notifies when the results of the query have changed.