Top 20 NuGet WCF Packages

This package has been merged into Pathoschild.Http.FluentClient 2.2+. ----- A base implementation of the .NET MediaTypeFormatter for serializers used by HttpClient and Web API, which handles the common plumbing code so you only need to implement the "Serialize" and "Deserialize" methods. This incl...
This package has been merged into Pathoschild.Http.FluentClient 2.2+. ----- Provides JSON and BSON implementations of the .NET MediaTypeFormatter using Json.NET. These can be used by HttpClient and Web API for serializing content.
The WCF Data Services Toolkit is a set of extensions to WCF Data Services (the .NET implementation of OData) that attempt to make it easier to create OData services on top of arbitrary data stores without having deep knowledge of LINQ. It was born out of the needs of real-world services such as Net...
Catel.Extensions.Wcf.Server library which provides WCF server capabilities.
Web and HTTP classes and extensions.
Integration of SimpleInjector IoC container with WCF using custom behaviors. Features: * WAS activation capable and works with all WCF protocols. (note: Many other WCF solutions only provide registration through global.asax and cannot be used with non IIS HTTP solutions.). * Thread safety. * Use in...
A library of helpers for the purpose of testing soap-based services. It is named after the author who wrote the book of James in the Bible. (James 1:2-3)
the proxy class collection
CrossChannel.NoBus is a infrastructureless service bus operating using peer-to-peer (P2P) communications.
CrossChannel.SyncObjects is a framework for synchronizing objects and collections using peer-to-peer (P2P) communications.
Nuget package to log requests made during WCF request.
Extension of the Common Contracts implementation of BaseFaults 1.2 for defining commonly used and needed fault contracts in WCF service applciations.
A powerful .NET framework for building multi-tier web or desktop applications using MVVM pattern.
The SOAC SDK is a library of helpful classes for programming against WCF.
Mugen Injection extension to add ioc for WCF services.
This package contains the Service Error Behavior Attribute and the Error Handler.
Service host for hosting membership and role providers via WCF end-point
WCF Client proxy for Membership and Role provider to connect to hosted membership end-point
Note: This is just an alias for the new OpenRiaServices.Client.Core package in order to make upgrading easy.
OpenRiaServices.EntityFramework provides the LinqToEntitiesDomainService<T> class which can be used to create Domain Service classes for use with an ObjectContext using older versions of Entity Framework. This package supports versions of EntityFramework less than 6. If you are using ObjectCo...