Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

This package provides the WebDriver IEDriverServer.exe for allowing WebDriver to use 64 bit version of Internet Explorer for testing.
NBench is a cross-platform automated performance profiling and testing framework for.NET applications.
A Serilog sink that correlates log events with the code that produced them, enabling unit testing of log output.
Unit test helpers providing alternate syntax for testing with Moq
A Dapplo.Log XUnit logger
Automatic generation of C# code for Shouldly unit tests. Reads your test output and generates a matching test for each property in your model. An easy way to achieve 100% test coverage.
ServerHost - A .NET Server Hosting utility library, including in-process server host testing.
SpecFlow+Runner - a smarter integration test runner for NUnit. Check the details on the website.
The Tynamix ObjectFiller.NET fills the properties of your objects with random data. Use it for unittest, prototyping and whereever you need some random testdata. It has a fluent API and is highly customizable. It supports also IEnumerables and Dictionaries and constructors WITH parameters. It is als...
A set of extension methods and other extra classes for Selenium WebDriver. Is a part of Atata Framework. Supports .NET Framework 4.0+ and .NET Core/Standard 2.0+. Atata.WebDriverExtras on GitHub: Atata Framework documentation: https://atata-...
Integration testing and unit testing helpers.
Allows creating acceptance tests in developer friendly environment by offering LightBDD.Framework features on top of xUnit 2 testing framework. High level features: * user friendly bdd scenario definitions; * test execution tracing and time measurement, helpful during longer test execution; * Xml/H...
Dynamic mocking framework for .NET
Machine.Specifications.Should is a should library for the Context/Specification framework Machine.Specifications
The EventSource Analyzer is part of the Semantic Logging Application Block. It can be incorporated into your automated tests to help validate your EventSource instances.
MyTested.WebApi is unit testing library providing easy fluent interface to test the ASP.NET Web API framework. See the project repository and documentation for more information and available features.
Simple package for internal logging into Seq server
Sink for Serilog to report log messages into ReportPortal
White is a framework for automating rich client applications based on Win32, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight and SWT (Java) platforms. It is .NET based and does not require the use of any proprietary scripting languages. Tests/automation programs using White can be written with whatever .NET language, ID...
TestStack.White.ScreenObjects adds support for the Page Object Pattern, allowing you to write clean maintainable UI Tests