Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

Sink for Serilog to report log messages into ReportPortal
Portable Firefox
Easy way to tests queries generated by EntityFramework.
Provides infrastructure to build automated testing with Azure Event Grid.
TestKit for writing tests for Akka.NET using xUnit.
Use Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection to inject xunit testclass. If you want write Microsoft.Extensions.Logging to ITestOutputHelper, please install Xunit.DependencyInjection.Logging Release notes: 1.1.0: DependencyInjectionTestFramework class add Configure(IServiceProvider provider) method 1...
MyTested.WebApi2 is unit testing library providing easy fluent interface to test the ASP.NET Web API framework. See the project repository and documentation for more information and available features.
TestKit for writing tests for Akka.NET using NUnit.
NUnit addin for reporting test results into ReportPortal
The library implements recorder and player of HTTP requests. When recording, a request to a remote service and its live response are serialized to JSON and saved to a file (cassette), so that next time the same request is made through the player it can be served with the previously recorded response...
Extensions and helpers to make unit testing with NUnit a little easier
Automation framework for frontend/backend testing.
An analyzer to find missing tests for tests written with SmartTests.
SmartTests enables you to write Smarter unit tests, wether you use NUnit, Xunit or MSTests. It is best to install SmartTests.Analyzer and SmartTests.Extension so that missing tests will be displayed. They are Smart in the sense that: 1. The Act line of your test is instantly identifiable. ...
xUnit Integration testing and testing helpers.
Implementation of ITestCaseOrderer to enforcing xUnit to run the facts in strict order
Implementation of ITestCaseOrderer to enforcing xUnit to run the facts in strict order
A testing library for creating Expected Objects
This package contains extensions to the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Test unit testing framework. Features include alternatives to ExpectedExceptionAttribute and a fully extensible assertion application programming interface.
Defines the IO clients and server contexts that other contexts can use to transport information on a service graph.