Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

Minimalist and cross platform. Contest, the new testing framework for .NET.
A .NET fake data generator inspired by ruby's factory_girl gem to make test-driven development more productive. Create your fake data for testing purposes more easily with random generators and fluent interface!
A context/specification library for use with the NUnit testing framework.
'dotnet test' support for Machine.Specifications (MSpec).
Cake Adapter that enables nspec tests
The reflection-based C++ unit testing framework. SlothUnit aims to be really simple to use, expressive and easy to setup. More than anything, trying to be really familiar to your usual C++ code, so you are not required to study it in-depth to be able to start using it fluently (no learning cu...
Chet is a simple, minimal, mocking framework for .NET Core 2.0.
QUnit is one of the most famous testing frameworks for JavaScript. QUnit4SharePonit adds QUnit to your SharePoint 2010 project.
This source-only package provides an abstraction for System.DateTime that is mockable
SystemWrapper is a library that wraps .NET classes for system resources like System.IO.FileInfo, System.Reflection.Assembly, and many other classes so you can easily mock them.
Logic Data Access is a IQueryable Repository pattern implementation for LINQ To SQL and In-Memory storages.
ATDD spec generation tool. Converts a plain text file of Acceptance Criteria in the Gherkin syntax into executable specs.
The Domain Seedwork Application Block provides the most basic classes and interfaces to the domain layer of a nlayered DDD solution. It's one from CodeDDD, that is a set of lightweight app blocks with the goal of help on the development of nlayered DDD applications
Helpful methods for unit testing with MsTest.
It's a very subtle test data factory with flexible capabilities to customize created objects. Permanent customizations per type can be defined in order to be always applied on-the-fly to objects being created. At the same time any number of additional ad-hoc customizations can be applied in particul...
PsTest is a PowerShell unit testing framework. PsTest is a binary PowerShell module written in C# .NET. PsTest uses a syntax very similar to the QUnit JavaScript unit testing framework, which is used to test jQuery.
Simple Windows Phone 7 Unit testing toolkit