Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

A simple test runner agnostic BDD framework. This version is signed.
WP-Fx.Testing is a small testing library with additional testing features. Currently there is only a user-friendlier exception testing provided.
Scaffold code generator for generating wrapper class to any existing non-testable classes such static classes and .Net libraries like System.IO. Very useful for doing TDD and decoupling dependencies to 3rd party libraries. Usage: On Package Manager Console type the following command: ...
An automocking utility. Provides a fixture base class that minimizes the boiler plate code needed to write each unit test and reduces pains of refactoring.
Provides a TestBase class, which wraps MSTest assertions in an TDD/BDD style syntax and provides a chaining mechanism for multiple assertions on the same object. Currently runs on .NET 4.5/4.0/3.5
Concise BDD test framework. [Test] public void IWantTo() { ICustomer customer = new Customer(); SoThat(BusinessValue) .As(User) .Given(customer.Register) .When(customer.Confirm) .Then(customer.Login) }
A micro-framework for unit testing class and type declarations.
Slimmed down wrapper around System.Threading.Tasks.Task class with a wrapper implementation for use in running application and a synchronous implementation for use in unit tests so testing simple multithreading code is a piece of cake. See example @
A lightweight framework for scenario-style testing.
Deprecation notice: I found same approach can be applied in other areas. I strongly suggest you to use file2objects package I created. It shares same constructs FakeLoader uses, but it comes with fixes and more features.
A method of describing calculations in unit tests intended to complement FluentAssertions
A bdd framework to test your code.
Powerful dependency injector for TypeScript
The core framework for unit tests from Springboard 365 Ltd.
Read a file and map to list of objects in one go
Read a file and map to list of objects in one go
Specification base added
Gherkin lexer for .NET.
A simple easily extensible data validation library with fluent API and descriptive failure messages. Supports validation of code contracts (arguments and return values) and test assertions with the same API but different exception types and messages.