Top 20 NuGet Unit Testing Packages

A runner framework for increasing the robustness of longer Selenium automation flows
A tampering mechanism which makes it possible to rewrite methods, getters, setters and constructors of third-party libraries used by the tested code.
This package contains a proxy for the Microsoft.Xrm.Client.CrmOrganizationServiceContext class that supports unit tests
The base class TestFixture provides a registry for test features which are automatically disposed after each test case.
Test feature for temporary database in PostgreSQL server
Selenium Web Driver implementation supporting different browsers and simplified methods for accessing HTML DOM.
Persimmon.Dried.Quotations is extension for Persimmon.Dried.
Empties data from any specified table and dependent tables.
A small set of utilities that help with unit and integration testing
MR.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework6 implementation that uses an int as the primary key for users and roles.
Easy-to-use toolset for building Web UI automation and testing code. It provides an easy way to build Page Objects without needing to know much about Selenium.
Helper classes to test components using Kralizek.Assembla.Connector.
A library for verifying HTTP calls, mocked with HttpMock
Package Description
Very Simple Dependency Injection
Package Description
Extension methods to use with Selenium
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Model-based testing for .Net including C# and F#.
Unlocks types and methods loaded into a managed process for dynamic overriding (mocking)