Top 20 NuGet Logging Packages

An implementation of ILog that writes log events to local files.
NLog LoggerProvider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging for logging in .NET Standard libraries and .NET Core applications. For ASP.NET Core, check:
Amazon Lambda .NET Core support - Logging ASP.NET Core package.
The Splunk Sink for Serilog
NLog.Extended.dll provides MSMQ target and AppSetting renderer
The #1 pattern-aware extension to C# and VB.
Simple .NET logging with fully-structured events
Integrates NLog as provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging, and provides NLog LayoutRenderers to enrich logging output with details from HttpContext.
Low-level Serilog provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
A library responsible for rendering messages and log events to text. Used in any standalone text-based log implementation.
Official Serilog integration for Sentry - Open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time.
Microsoft.Utilities.Logging support for SkyAPM.
Serilog Sink that sends log events to Datadog
NLog extension for Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting for logging in .NET Standard libraries and .NET Core applications using IHostBuilder. For ASP.NET Core, check:
A Serilog sink that logs to AWS CloudWatch
Pluggable foundation blocks for building distributed apps.
.NET client for communicating with the REST API
Castle Windsor logging facility lets you easily inject loggers into your components. It offers integration with most popular 3rd party logging frameworks like log4net, NLog and Serilog (see Castle Core docs).
Logentries logging library core
Serilog sink for Elasticsearch