Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

Managed .Net wrapper for the open source, cross-platform Tidy HTML5 library. It implements new features of Tidy HTML5 (shipped with tidy.dll v5.1.25 (x86)) and drops support for the old libtidy library.
Используеться для установки текста(чисел) уведомлений на элементах HTML.
HtmlAgilityPack implementation of Arachne DOM
Используеться для установки текста(чисел) уведомлений на элементах HTML.
convert local html to pdf and generate a pretty bookmark.
Create angular forms fluently
Layouts is Javascript/Typescript library that allows web developers build complex UI in HTML5 using a Xaml derived markup. Github repository and help online: Tutorial: ...
Original decisions specific Html model for db.
NestedHtmlWriter is a class library for generate html files by nested using statement of C#.
HTML to XSL-FO converter
Custom Report Viewer control to replace MS Report Viewer on MVC projects
Gumbo - A pure-C HTML5 parser.
Create Strongly-Typed HTML components in c#
A library to support a custom configuration section in ASP.NET applications that use the ScriptX Add-on for Internet Explorer to deliver controlled printing on client PCs. The configuration section describes the code downloads available and optional ScriptX licensing.
An html parsing library written using sprache
A set of conventions which can be applied to html files