Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

Converts Html to Markdown
Makes Asp.Net CheckBox and CheckboxList look like buttons, also work for none Asp.Net checkboxes look like buttons similar to Bootstrap JavaScript and allows the button to show checkbox or radio button to the right now
Generate html from markdown files support local md resolution and css
Exports List<T> into CSV/HTML/Word/Excel/PDF
Converts HTML to a thumbnail
HtmlHelpers for Enums, like dropdownlists with one expression and auto-generated radio buttons.
System.Windows.Forms Html Report Control
My package description.
This will add a few helpers for HTML Helpers; This package can only serve the other HTML Helpers packages that i made and that depend on it. All by itself is a useless package.
This package will install a bunch of HTML Helpers for your MVC Application.
A Bootstrap Themed input HTML Helper for MVC.
Currency HTML Helper for handling decimal currency fields. Uses JQuery for mask.
HTML Helper to add a Bootstrap stylized TextArea control to your MVC page.
User's helper using Bootstrap for MVC
HtmlToFarHelp.exe converts HTML files with compatible structure to HLF, Far Manager help format. It also performs some sanity checks for unique topic anchors, valid topic links, and etc. The tool requires .NET Framework 4.0.
Obsolete, will be unlisted, use Pandoc instead.
Constellation.Html contains two useful features: 1. Extension methods for HtmlTextWriter. - Internally these methods use an IDisposable pattern to encapsulate the rather cumbersome code for adding attributes, rendering the begin tag, and rendering the end tag. The extension methods should ge...