Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

A diagnostic analyzer for common EntityFramework performance issues.
依赖于 exFramework 的 Repository 框架,实现对 EntityFramework 框架的 Repository 封装。
Extending from Mehdime.Entity : Add Transaction Committed Event
This Package Contain Useful Library And Extension Method For Easy Develop High Tech .Net Application With EntityFramework. ForExample : Implementation Of Custom DbContext, DbContext Extension Method, DbSet Extension Method, ...
My package description.
Using Entity Framework, provides data repository interfaces, etc.
This package contains helper classes that simplify tedious tasks that are repeated in Entity Framework Core 1.0.
SQL storage EF abstractions.
C# extension library for Entity Framework operations.
Stack based Expression builder and compiler.
基础设施 - 仓储基础 - Entity Framework实现
Configuration.EntityFramework.Localization provides custom localization components. These components leverage Configuration.EntityFramework for persistence
WebCodeHelp - a new way to help update .net web code applications to support web standards.
Package Description
Creates and configures custom user types for Entity Framework
ORM Wrapper
Entity Framework Core templates for CodeSmith Generator