Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Superfast way to join a table with an object list
Package Description
Package to enable include columns on indexes
Helpers for my sql and entity framework core
Implementation of basic actions of ef core repository
Package Description
Package Description
Package Description
Basic models of ef core repsotiroy
Entity Framework helpers for DAS
Entityframework support for PolicyServer for ASP.Net Core
Extends Entity Framework and eases implementation of repository for domain models. It targets to help implementing a single repository for all domain models which handles add or update with object graph.
EntityFrameworkCore merge, batch insert, update, delete requests for SqlServer
EntityFrameworkCore storage for related entities generator
EntityFramework storage for related entities generator
Model for persistance of stock quotes in daily format (open, high, low, close) .NET Standard 2.0
A plugin for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore to support automatically recording data changes history. This version has been enhanced with additional configuration options. This was originally based on Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.AutoHistory.
Helper classes that simplifies testing when using Entity Framework
Provides abstraction for Pentagon.EntityFrameworkCore library.