Top 20 NuGet Entity Framework Packages

Minimalist library to facilitate Entity Framework needs.
Minimalist library to facilitate Entity Framework testing needs.
The apj .net development framework entity framework data component.
This package Implement the abstract of repository pattern which in LT2Group.DomainFramework
BuildingBlocks.Net - Data : Entity Framework
Sample DAL using Entity Framework
Repository pattern for Entityframework
Vouzamo.EntityFramework Class Library
Retrieve the primary key (including composite keys) from any entity
Поддержка индексов через атрибуты модели
Skymate Framework
This package provides an Entity Framework implmentation of the Unit OF Work and Repositories defined by Naif.Data
Filters for EF code first CUD
Toolkit Data for EntityFramework
Code Analyzers and Fixers for Common Entity Framework Issues built by .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn")
Usefull database helpers