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Abp dapper 扩展
DappeFor4DB, DB , Helpers
Restme.Dapper.Common (RESTme) is the common library for Restme.Dapper
This is a set of Dapper .Net wrappers and helpers aims to simplify data manipulations in large scale applications without compromise of using ORM
Package Description
DBOperations&Methodes 个人开发的基于.NetCore Dapper 1.50.2的基础数据库操作方法集合 包含基础数据库操作和基础辅助方法 支持MySql & Sql Server 仅供学习使用
Core EzApp Dapper data access library
C# sql extensions with Dapper
DapperContext is a DbContext-like implementation for Dapper, supporting the Unit Of Work pattern and simplifying usage with repository classes and IOC containers.
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Authentication database service using roles
Dapper Extension
This package will provide the interface on top of which CloudApper extension modules will be built on.
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Package Description
This dapper extension only works with SQL Server to allow simple Add/Update/Delete of entity from database. Example: using (var connection = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString)) using (var transaction = connection.BeginTransaction()) { try ...