Top 20 NuGet ASP.NET Packages

BundleTransformer.SassAndScss contains one translator-adapter - `SassAndScssTranslator`. This adapter makes translation of Sass and SCSS code to CSS code by using the LibSass Host for .NET ( version 1.2.2 (supports the LibSass ( ve...
Use NLog with the ASP.NET Core platform. Adds helpers and layout renderers for websites and webapplications. Supported platforms: - For ASP.NET Core 2, .NET Standard 2.0+ and .NET 4.6+ - For ASP.NET Core 1, .NET Standard 1.5+ and .NET 4.5.x
Autofac implementation of the interfaces in Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions, the .NET Framework dependency injection abstraction.
Middleware to expose Swagger JSON endpoints from API's built on ASP.NET Core
Serilog support for ASP.NET Core logging
NSwag: The Swagger API toolchain for .NET and TypeScript
NSwag: The Swagger API toolchain for .NET and TypeScript
Add a Swagger(ui 3.x) to your WebApi projects!
Steeltoe Service Discovery Client
.NET Core CloudFoundry Connector Extensions
Spring Cloud Services Discovery Client
Reinforced.Typings is automated, reflection-based glue code generator for TypeScript. It is MSBuild-integrated and can generate MVC/WebAPI services glue code, JSDOC and architecture mockups from your assemblies.
BotDetect CAPTCHA Generator protects ASP.NET/Core forms from spam postings. The Captcha protection is available on .NET/Core for jQuery, Angular & React frontends and ASP.NET MVC1-6, WebForms & WebPages backends. It works in China; doesn't stalk; nor does it slurp your form-data -- think: GDPR & LGP...
.Net Core 2.0 SqlSugar ORM ,High-performance, lightweight
LocalizationProvider support package for Asp.Net
GenFu is a library you can use to generate realistic test data.
Generate tests from SpecFlow feature files inside .NET Core projects.
Installs files/classes to help with ASP.Net Identity extensibility for Umbraco back office
A library that adds the Json verb methods to the httpclient
Provides custom attributes that can be applied to controllers, actions and models to enrich the generated Swagger