Top 20 NuGet ASP.NET Packages

Adds the Cofoundry admin panel to a website.
Extensions to VelocityDB for efficient LINQ index/BTree queries, AzureSession file API usage with Microsoft Azure, import/export to/from CSV and JSON, Sync, GeoHash, Compressed Bitmap and RTree.
Add centralized structured log collection to ASP.NET Core apps with one line of code.
Core functionality for AttributeRouting ASP.NET MVC and Web API packages.
Bootstrapper for web projects.
Enables ASP to read content files (e.g. .css, .js, .aspx) stored as embedded resources in referenced assemblies. This full package contrains additional bootstrap template code and settings for seamless integration into apps.
This package contains everything you need to create OData v4.0 endpoints using ASP.NET Web API and to support OData query syntax for your web APIs.
ASP.NET extension for Ninject.Web.Common
Access token validation middleware for JWT and reference tokens issued by IdentityServer3.
Lightweight mini-profiler, designed for ASP.NET Core MVC (*not* System.Web) websites
Castle Windsor system web facility lets you easily add windsor to legacy aspnet web apps.
Syncfusion UI components for ASP.NET (Essential JS 1) contain runtime assemblies for building line-of-business applications. They contain more than 70 controls, including popular controls such as a data grid, chart, Gantt, diagram, spreadsheet, schedule, and pivot grid to build server-side dynamic w...
Generate Audit Logs from EntityFramework identity context changes
Installs CrystalQuartz panel (pluggable Quartz.NET viewer) to .NET Core or .NET Standard application (web or self-hosted) that uses AspNetCore environment.
JSON Merge Patch support for ASP.NET Core 6.X (Base Package)
Kontent Delivery Caching
Syncfusion Essential DocIO is a .NET Word library that allows you to create, read, and edit Word documents in any ASP.NET Web Forms application without any Microsoft Office dependencies. Key features: • Create Word documents from scratch. • Open, edit, and save existing Word documents. • Conver...
Syncfusion Word library is feature-rich and high-performance .NET Word library that allows you to create, manipulate and convert Word documents (DOC, DOT, DOCM, DOTM, DOCX, DOTX, RTF, and WordML), TXT, and HTML files.
This Syncfusion package provides 70+ high-performance, lightweight, user friendly, and responsive ASP.NET MVC controls.