Top 20 NuGet wpf Packages

The PubSubService enables view models and other components to communicate with without having to know anything about each other besides a simple Subscription contract.
A tree view supporting multi select.
Library containing farsi controls, which has correct Right-To-Left drawing. Also contains classes to work with Jalali Dates.
Small lib for making use of WPF's grid less painful.
A really tiny class framework that helps binding ICommand objects from DataContext to class members in XAML in the form of invisible FrameworkElement objects. The view remains loosely-bound to the ViewModel in MVVM projects.
WPF control for displaying the flag of any one of the 249 countries and territories assigned with an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code.
An async implementations of delegate command and other base common classes for WPF.
A WPF component for rendering Minecraft formatted text.
Convenience attached properties for WPF's Grid.
Awesome highlighting add-on for WPF TextBlock
WPF for JavaScript
A fast, robust and easily extensible organization chart layout library without any 3-rd party dependencies. Designed specifically to compute arrangement of rectangular boxes and connectors, for use by applications which represent hierarchical organizational structures in a user-friendly manner. MIT...
WPF custom layout panel
Pushpin button control for WPF
A wpf 2D graphic library
Cake host for ClickTwice publishing, including the addin and all required libraries
NB! This package is deprecated, use LiveXAML instead LiveXAML allows for live UI reload in Xamarin Forms applications. This package is a runtime dependency, you also need to install Visual Studio extension.
Embeddable image resizing library for console, WPF, & WinForms usage. Not suitable for use in ASP.NET applications.
A WPF control to provide a human-friendly way to select a date range. It shows two date pickers, list of range types, buttons to step back and forth. E.g. for the "Month To Date" range type, if today is 5/24/2017, the step back will be the period from 4/1/2017 to 4/24/2017.