Top 20 NuGet mono Packages

Python and CLR (.NET and Mono) cross-platform language interop
Calcium is an application toolkit for creating UWP, Windows Phone, WPF, Silverlight and Xamarin applications. It provides much of what you need to rapidly build sophisticated yet maintainable applications.
Cross-platform MIDI access API for Mono and .NET
Contains the code generation engine and SDK for PCLMock.
C# bindings for Clang 4.0 API for Mono and .NET Framework
This package provides all native binaries and internal scripts needed to run Edge.js. This package copies the 'edge' folder to the build directory and creates a link in the project root to make debugging possible.
Topshelf extensions allowing compatibility with mono/linux.
Mono build of the StackExchange.Redis library.
cassandra-sharp - high performance .NET driver for Apache Cassandra. Please note only binary protocol (cql 3) is supported - this requires Apache Cassandra 1.2. Major features: * async operations (TPL tasks / Rx subscriptions) * Rx interface (IObservable / IObserver) for result streaming * TPL Tas...
A simple, low overhead unit test library for Mono. It's is based on the API's from NUnit and MSTest.
Standalone HttpUtility class
An open source Mixpanel .NET integration library that supports the complete Mixpanel API. The main idea of the library is to hide API details allowing you to concentrate on data that you want to analyze. Supported platforms: .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5 and .NET Standard 1.1. It's also well document...
Ninject extension that allows to automatically create factories.
Genesis.DataStore is a library that makes it simpler to implement a versioned SQLite-based data store, particularly within a mobile application.
Genesis.Repository is a library that makes it simpler to implement database repositories, particularly within a mobile application.
Free and Open Source fork of ServiceStack V3 Binaries for the NServiceKit framework.
Package Description
NAT stack for Mono and .NET applications
An extremely useful collection of utility classes for .NET
(JetBrains repack to get single dll) Cecil is a library written by Jb Evain to generate and inspect programs and libraries in the ECMA CIL format. It has full support for generics, and support some debugging symbol format. In simple English, with Cecil, you can load existing managed assemblies, brow...