Top 20 NuGet mono Packages

Xamarin.Android onboarding library
PrettyDialog is a customizable equivalent of SCLAlertView in iOS.
A lightweight Xamarin.Android library for customizable alerts
A simple way to make a beauty onboarding experience (app intro or welcome screen) for your users.
An Android Simple Audio Recorder View with "hold to Record Button" and "Swipe to Cancel " Like WhatsApp
Android Custom Views that can hide/show a View with some Animations (inspired by the Android FAB)
An Android Library to pick dates range, that helps user to select range from future dates.
Tinder like swipeable card view for Android
Fancy year and month picker library for Xamarin.Android
Easily add awesome animated context menu to your Android app.
Xamarin.Android libs that helping to create slider as fast as possible. Don't forget to add "Mono.Android.Export.dll" as reference.
Dynamic iOS-like blur of underlying Views for Xamarin.Android
A simple iOS-style Button for Xamarin.Android
Lightweight file chooser for Xamarin.Android
mugene MML to MIDI compiler
With Edge.js you can script Node.js in a .NET application. Edge.js allows you to run Node.js and .NET code in one process. You can call Node.js functions from .NET and .NET functions from Node.js. Edge.js takes care of marshalling data between CLR and V8. Edge.js also reconciles threading models of ...
HIDSharp is a cross-platform .NET wrapper for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (hidraw) USB HID APIs. It can interface with arbitrary USB HID devices as well as read and write raw reports. It also includes cross-platform serial port communications and supports interprocess communication for exclusi...
Allows running of full framework apps on mono through the dotnet core tooling
managed-midi aims to provide C#/.NET API For almost-raw access to MIDI devices in cross-platform manner with the greatest common measure so that it can be "commons" either on Mono or .NET, everywhere, as well as standard MIDI file manipulation and player functionality.
Android library to easy change current locale without having to recreate the activity or restart the app