Top 20 NuGet mono Packages

The android library that provides a simple and customizable NumberPicker styled as meter.
DoubleTapLikeView for Xamarin.Android
C# Wrapper around libjack API. JACK Audio Connection Kit (or JACK; a recursive acronym) is a professional sound server daemon that provides real-time, low-latency connections for both audio and MIDI data between applications that implement its API.
Modern OpenGL bindings for C#, Broadcom VideoCore IV (Raspberry PI 2) utilities. It includes an simple window implementation that ease the OpenGL context creation.
Modern OpenGL bindings for C# - Math Data Structures. Implements most blittable data structures required for OpenGL interop. Vertices, matrices and colors. Implements most of basic old-school OpenGL matrix math, i.e. projections or transforms.
Hangfire Redis Storage Based on Redis.StackExchange.Mono See for some more info on the main project
Modern OpenGL bindings for C# - Native window utilities. Native window implementation for OpenGL.Net. The following platforms are supported: - Windows - Linux/X11 (not implemented yet) - Raspberry PI VC4 (not implemented yet)
A .Net Standard class library that wraps around different WebSocket implementations.
Deprecated. Use the strong named ServiceStack.RabbitMq package instead.
Genesis.TestUtil contains utility helpers for tests.
The Open Toolkit library (OpenTK) is an advanced, low-level C# wrapper for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and OpenAL. It is suitable for games, scientific visualizations and projects that require 3d graphics, audio or compute functionality. Features - Create cutting-edge grap...
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language. This package is built with options that make it more suitable for use with Mono. Features specific to Windows and/or the .NET Framework will be unavailable.
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
Provides extensions to use KBCsv with types in System.Data. Online at
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language.
Android view for user input that models horizontal wheel controller.
An Android TextView, using animated color gradients.
See for more info.
Android ImageViews animated by Ken Burns Effect.
Show informative message in your Android app