Top 20 NuGet mono Packages

This is the kernel library of DeveelDB SQL System for x86 Architecture. DeveelDB is an embeddable SQL-99 Relational Database Management System oriented to the .NET/Mono frameworks, providing rich functionalities and high performances managing SQL databases within applications.
Simple, complete, open source OSC implementation for .NET (2.0 and greater) and Mono. Message argument types supported are: int, long, float, double, string, symbol, bool, RGBA Color, Osc-Null, Osc-Timetag, Osc-Midi, impulse, char, blobs and arrays. Also boasts a full feature set including: Bundles,...
Implements crud repositories using Mono.Data.Sqlite.
Lightweight ActiveRecord-inspired ORM for .NET, Windows Phone and Mono(Touch/Droid)
Ninject extension that allows to automatically create factories.
Plugins and utility classes for REST API projects using Mono, ServiceStack, MongoDB and RQL
A lite version of http server, currently not support https for commandline usage, type in terminal: httpd ?
Genesis.Join is a simple library that adds a Join extension method to IEnumerable<string>.
Genesis.AsyncInitializationGuard provides an InitializationGuard class, which facilitates thread-safe asynchronous initialization.
Genesis.DisconnectedUtil contains utility helpers for disconnected layers.
Genesis.GenericSerialDisposable adds a SerialDisposable<T> type to the System.Reactive.Disposables namespace.
Genesis.Logging is a library for application authors (not library authors) that facilitates performance-focussed logging that can be compiled out of performance-critical builds.
Genesis.Observables is a small library that provides commonly used, pre-canned observables.
Genesis.RepeatWithBackoff provides a RepeatWithBackoff extension method for IObservable<T>.
Genesis.WindowScan provides a WindowScan extension method for IObservable<T>.
Genesis.RetryWithBackoff provides a RetryWithBackoff extension method for IObservable<T>.