Top 20 NuGet F# Packages

Blazor rendering with F# and state management with Flatware.
A C# API for Discord based off DiscordSharp, but rewritten to fit the API standards.
A re-implementation of the OCaml standard library in F# to ease porting and promote cross-compatibility.
Tool to generate early-bound .NET classes and enumerations for MS Dynamics 365/CRM server-side coding.
Simple elmish application using React as a renderer
FsLab is a single package that gives you all you need for doing data science with F#. FsLab includes explorative data manipulation library, type providers for easy data access, simple charting library, support for integration with R and numerical computing libraries. All available in a single packag...
FSharpx.Extras implements general functional constructs on top of the F# core library. Its main target is F# but it aims to be compatible with all .NET languages wherever possible.
OAuth authorization WebParts for Suave WebApp framework
Streaming F# API for RabbitMQ
Visual Studio 2017+ Test Explorer runner for Persimmon. Capable of running Persimmon v3.0+ tests. Supported platforms: - Desktop .NET 2.0+ - .NET Core (including ASP.NET Core) 2.0+
Hedgehog with batteries included; Auto-generators, extra combinators and more.
A library allowing you to wrap most logging libraries with a F# friendly API.
FSharp wrapper over TwinCAT.Ads library
A library for easily working with Xml in Fable projects
Project Composite introduces extensions that make building sequence-based composite data processing solutions seamless and easy. It has interfaces specifically tailored for C# and F# use.
Infrastructure functions helpful in testing the code using Project Composite functions.
Fable binding for date-fns, implemented as extension methods for DateTime
Unidirectional Framework for XAML Platforms built on top of Gjallarhorn
This package contains a library for turning FsLab experiments written as script files into HTML and LaTeX reports. The easiest way to use the library is to use the 'FsLab Journal' Visual Studio template.
A Freya Router based on URI Templates for route matching