Top 20 NuGet F# Packages

F# DSL and runtime for Apache Storm topologies
Helpers around Bulma for Elmish apps
Suave server for Elmish.Remoting
Shared part of Elmish.Remoting
Elmish.HMR bridge for Elmish.Remoting
Client part of Elmish.Remoting
A complete and extensible base library for F#.
FsPickler is a serialization library that facilitates the distribution of .NET objects. The implementation focuses on performance and completeness in supported types, including F# types. It supports multiple, pluggable serialization formats including Binary, Xml, JSON and BSON. The library is based ...
F# Template for creating and publishing libraries targeting .NET Full (net461) and Core (netstandard1.6, netstandard2.0)
Thin F# wrapper around Npgsql, the PostgreSQL database driver.
A F#-friendly wrapper for the Reactive Extensions.
A set of FSharp wrappers around Marten
F# Support for LiteDB
Type providers for generating types and service interfaces for XRoad producers.
A library that provides an idiomatic F# API for Microsoft Azure services.
Davenport is a CouchDB client for simplifying common tasks like get, list, create, update and delete. This package implements all of the functions from the original C# package, making it much more friendly to the functional programming style of F#.
Hopac.Websockets - A Threadsafe Hopac wrapper around Websockets
Minimal Elmish application with Fulma support
Proxy generation for client Fable apps targeting F# server-side apps using Fable.Remoting
A set of F# templates for your .Net Core Gtk Application.