Top 20 NuGet F# Packages

Implementation of the Haskell 98 Prelude in F#.
Implementation of the Scala standard library in F#.
F# Type Provider for Swagger
Implements an F# type provider for SQL statements.
Elmish extensions for Fable apps targeting web browsers
Painless, strongly-typed xUnit testing in F#
Hopac.Websockets.AspNetCore - AspNetCore extensions for Hopac.Websockets
Fable bindings for the NPM package "mobx".
Elmish.Browser bridge for Elmish.Remoting
FSharp implementation of Facebook GraphQL query language (Server)
Everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of functional programming. The Tango provides a series of implementations to facilitate the use of functional programming concepts in C#. In a certain way any C# developer work with some functional concepts like anonymous methods with lambda expressions a...
Frozen portable profiles
FSharp library which implements the functional IO monads, IO, stdio, Retry.
FSharp library which implements different data structures.
FSharp library which implements the functional control monads such State, Reader, Writer.
F# idiomatic modules for the types in System.Collections.Concurrent
dynamic operator using the DLR
F# wrapper library for Akka.NET with persistence support
Library used for working with Akka.NET using F# in type safe manner with functional principles in mind
F# wrapper library for Akka.NET with reactive streams support