Top 20 NuGet F# Packages

Implementation of the Scala standard library in F#.
A library that provides an idiomatic F# API for Microsoft Azure services.
A sister package to canopy for integration tests.
Painless, strongly-typed xUnit testing in F#
Fable bindings for React Toolbox
Elmish core for .NET apps
Hedgehog with batteries included; Auto-generators, extra combinators and more.
A set of F# templates for your .Net Core Gtk Application.
FSharp wrapper over TwinCAT.Ads library
Yet another mock library for F#
option & chooseSeq computational expressions that work with Null/Option/Nullable
DotLiquid templating engine http handlers for the Giraffe web framework.
FSharp library which implements different data structures.
FSharp library which implements the standard monads: state, writer, reader.
F# idiomatic modules for the types in System.Collections.Concurrent
FsLab is a single package that gives you all you need for doing data science with F#. FsLab includes explorative data manipulation library, type providers for easy data access, simple charting library, support for integration with R and numerical computing libraries. All available in a single packag...
Lint tool for F#.
Fable bindings for Jest
F# helpers for NLog
A Freya Router based on URI Templates for route matching