Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

My package description.
My package description.
An addon library for JoshuaKearney.Measurements that provides converters for the CSVHelper library
This library parses ANY delimited string, including the unusual strings found in the X.509 metadata of the certificates in the Trusted Root Certificate Store of Microsoft Windows.
Utility to perform basic relational algebra on CSV files, including projection (select), restriction (where), rename, union, intersect, difference.
Package Description
CSV functions for Primero Systems projects.
DEPRECATED! Please install package KBCsv instead.
Reading and writing CSV formatted files.
CSV to Object mapper for use with defined models and types. You define the model and then use the the csvFileReader to read the contents from a CSV file and it will produce a collection of your defined models for you
Linq extension method to generate CSV files
Data laporan stock card untuk export ke csv
A repository pattern implementation for CSVs. I dont have any docs for this yet but the source is avaliable here:, if you would like some more info raise an issue and I will write some up.
C# library for interacting with the CSV file format per RFC 4180
A set of media type formatters.
A library that makes it easy to import csv files data
CSV-Dateien einlesen und schreiben.
A simple CSV/TSV parser for .netcore.
Classes to read and write “.csv” files including reading or appending a single field or row at a time.