Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

Simple .Net Standard library to read and write CSV files asynchronously.
Library for reading and writing CSV and Fixed Width files into a class or struct similar to XmlSerializer.
Csv (comma-separated values) Library (.NET Standard Library) A library for reading objects from CSV files and writing objects to CSV files. (for .NET Network 4.6 or later, .NET Core 1.1 or later)
Different utilities for exporting to CSV and HTML
Library to parse Comma Separated Value lines into an IEnumerabl<string>, targeting dotnet core. CsvParser with Readline function. Accommodates cases 4, 5 and 7 of This release does not presently concern itself with the separation of records, and therefore case 6...
This library can convert an excel file to csv.
Destination for FakerOfData which serializes fake data to a TextWriter.
Dump linq query result to csv + generate code file (linqpad or cs) to read it back with same type.
Serializes a collection of models to csv file and returns in the response
A simple SpecFlow plugin for loading examples from csv
Toolkit for parsing CSV into generic datatypes for simple data handling. Adheres to CSV specification for full compatibility. Implemented with FsLex and FsYacc.
CSV Helpers for DHGMS DataManager. This is an extension to the Data Manager library, which contains code which has a dependancy on other 3rd party libraries.
Support for loading datapool values from CSV-files for GrinderScript.Net
DEPRECATED! Please install package KBCsv.Extensions.Data instead.
Soarus Parser for CSV feed files.
DEPRECATED! Please install package KBCsv.Extensions instead.
Provides a CSV formatted response for ASP.NET Web API.
DEXS CSV Library
Parser for CSV feed files.
Lightweight CSV Serializer/Deserializer for use with Tortuga Chain.