Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

DEXS CSV Library
Parser for CSV feed files.
Lightweight CSV Serializer/Deserializer for use with Tortuga Chain.
DEPRECATED! Please install package KBCsv.Extensions instead.
Provides a CSV formatted response for ASP.NET Web API.
CSV File Helper for PS Projects
Use FlatFiles to generate MVC ActionResults.
CSV, TSV and any character separated value data processing library. Target Framework: .Net Framework 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, and 4.5.1
Enables BizDataX packages to process data stored in delimited and positional files.
The StaticDataLibrary T4 template generates a library of static data objects from CSV files and Excel spreadsheets. The primary intended use for this template is to generate lists of data at design-time for unit tests, although it can also be used to generate other static data that doesn't change du...
Comma Separated JSON for .NET
An ORM framework.
Exports List<T> into CSV/HTML/Word/Excel/PDF
This is a package of an Example Project for ClosedXML_Excel. As a free C# excel API, it can enable developers to edit, copy, create, print and convert Excel files which were generated by ClosedXML. You can create a large range of applications for free. It supports both for the old Excel 97-2003 form...
Supports using any string as a field delimiter, or row delimiter, quoted fields, and the ability to handle Unicode.
A library that help you to convert collections to CSV file.
Turn a csv file into a simple, dumb table in SQL Server
Diff library for comparing CSV files.
File parser and writer that works with Mere.
[4.0] TNX.CSV assembly adds features like CSV read/write Extensions and feature: + IEnumerable<T>.ToCsvStream + DataTable.ToCsvStream + IEnumerable<T>.ToCsvResponse (HttpResponse) + DataTable.ToCsvResponse (HttpResponse) + Stream.FromCsvDictionarly (enumerable of) + Stream.FromCsvDynamic (enumera...