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[4.0] TNX.CSV assembly adds features like CSV read/write Extensions and feature: + IEnumerable<T>.ToCsvStream + DataTable.ToCsvStream + IEnumerable<T>.ToCsvResponse (HttpResponse) + DataTable.ToCsvResponse (HttpResponse) + Stream.FromCsvDictionarly (enumerable of) + Stream.FromCsvDynamic (enumera...
CSV Praser
Провайдер, позволяющий выполнять запросы к CSV-файлам так, как если бы они были обычной базой данных. Поддерживается синтаксис SQL-запросов в стиле MySQL. Поддерживаемые ключевые конструкции: - SELECT - FROM/INNER JOIN/LEFT JOIN/RIGHT JOIN - WHERE - GROUP BY - HAVING - ORDER BY - LIMIT - агрегационн...
Work with Csv. Read and Write from DataTable. Write one row as CSV row. CsvFileReaderParallel. Read csv datatable from text.
This is a simple library to read and write CSV files. Simple means it doesn't have fancy mapping to DTOs or anything like that. It's main purpose is to read CSV to dictionaries or write dictionaries to CSV. But to do it correctly (i.e. not messing up when it encounters line breaks).
An ultra-simple CSV serializer
Adds file support for TestData.Interface. Source is here -
A small 16KB library for processing CSV files. Compatible with most dot net versions.
.NET library for reading and writing CSV files.
CSV Helper. A library for writing CSV files. Supports writing of custom class objects.
CSV file reader/writer
this is a fast, tiny, easy to use CSV reader and writer according to the IETF rfc4180 specification for CSVs
Csv (comma-separated values) Library (.NET Framework Library) A library for reading objects from CSV files and writing objects to CSV files. (.NET Framework 4.5.2 or later)
This module offers CSV file load/save features with error detection and data type retention.
Provides CSV support to the DataPipe platform. Reference this package if you need to read or write CSV file from a data pipe script
Exports Collections of objects to CSV
Rovecom DataTable extensions for converting an Enumerable to a DataTable and to export a DataTable to CSV or XML. Also allows for conversion from a CSV file to a DataTable.
This is a library for Asp.Net Core that provides some generic interfaces, conversions, paging helpers, exporters, extensions, and tag helpers
- Standardized format following RFC 4180 specification - Unix and Windows compatible - Unicode and escaped characters support - Serialization / deserialization to any .NET class
This is a Csv Reader and Writer Lib for .NET4.