Top 20 NuGet ienumerable Packages

The "classy" way to filter collections.
Adds extension methods and other useful things to make things easier.
Helper methods/classes for operating on objects of type IEnumerable.
a collection of my useful extension methods.
Collection extensions and custom collections for .NET.
Ever wanted to quickly convert an IEnumerable to a DataTable, or quicly do batched operation on a list, or even pull out a random item from an IEnumerable, (Particularly useful for testing)? This Nuget gives you all that and more!
Extension function pack to increase productivity and improve source code writing.
Simple C# library to specify whether to place nulls first or last when ordering an enumerable by a key selector with nullable types.
SeedPacket 3.0 (BETA) adds a .seed() method onto IEnumerable for the quick seeding of data. Designed to be a part of your LINQ workflow, it quick generates and populates many IEnumerable list types with realistic data. Ex: var mylist = new List<Item>().Seed(). SeedPacket is easy to use, with a cust...
Linq extensions for ordered sequences. Provides better perfomance in comparison to standard extensions. Provides Concat, Distinct, Except, GroupBy, Intersect, Join, GroupJoin and Union.
A collection of extension methods to IQueryable and IEnumerable that enable easy and performance Levenshtein searches
Demonstrates usage of the Xunit.Theoretical Test Cases base class.
Provides a foundation upon which Xunit Theory Class Data may be generated more succinctly.
Provides a set of general purpose Fluent Assertion extension methods methods extending from Xunit.
IAsyncEnumerable interface definition, and some LINQ function for it
A Swiss Army Knife package of helper classes and methods found to be useful in a multitude of projects
New collections and extension methods for existing interfaces like IEnumerable<T> and ICollection<T>
Provides a simple set of list based extensions for Stack operation.
Provides a simple set of list based extensions for Queue operation.
The framework BitArray is helpful but it has a serious flaw in the fact that it is not immutable. This is the primary motivation for working on this package in order to achieve just such an ImmutableBitArray. Reflexive operations can modify an instance but otherwise bitwise operations should yield a...