Top 20 NuGet helper Packages

Several Handlebars.Net helpers in the categories: 'Constants', 'Enumerable', 'Math', 'Regex', 'String', 'DateTime' and 'Urls'.
common netfx and netstandard libarary,extensions helpers and useful utilities
C# .NET Framework4.5版本工具类
Helpers classes for projects.
An Abp MVC UI tag-helper enhancement module to enhance ABP built-in tag-helpers and provide new tag-helpers such as rich text editor, advanced selector, and more.
AuxiliaryLibraries is a library which allows you to have some useful tools, especially for Iranian. The tools are: Accessory to Persian calendar, extensions (lots of useful string, int, log, datetime, and ... extensions ), encryption (There are three different algorithms which are RC4, AES and RSA.)...
AbpHelper is a tool to help you with developing Abp vNext applications.
DEPRECATED - A .NET library of helpers and extensions for working with SOAP payloads in the Nancy web framework.
.NET Standard2.1版本工具类
Unit of Work implementation for EntityFramework Core. Package based over the mediatr pattern (mediatr package used). For more information please see Calabonga.UnitOfWork package. Perhaps, you might find more information on and
This package implements a collection which persist across NHibernate.
Handlebars.Net DynamicLinq
Handlebars.Net XPath helpers
Handlebars.Net.Helpers DynamicLinq
Handlebars.Net.Helpers XPath
DEPRECATED - A .NET library with helpers and extensions for the Nancy web framework.
C# utils libraries contain a collection of reusable models, helper methods and extensions.
Predicate builder for Expressions C#
Core functionality for Handlebars.Net.Helpers
Handlebars.Net.Helpers Json