Top 20 NuGet grapecity Packages

Provides common classes and controls for WinForms apps using ComponentOne controls.
GrapeCity Documents for Imaging (GcImaging) is a cross-platform library that allows to create, load, and save raster images. GcImaging supports several popular image formats including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF and ICO. It provides powerful text layout, font management and graphics engines that allow...
GrapeCity Documents for PDF (GcPdf) is a cross-platform library that allows to create, analyze, and modify PDF documents. Its object model closely follows the Adobe PDF specification, and is designed to provide direct access to features of the PDF format. In addition, Documents for PDF includes a po...
This is a cross-platform library providing infrastructure and interfaces, font processing and text analysis to other GrapeCity.Documents packages. This package is automatically added by those packages (e.g. GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf), there is no need to reference it directly.
This is a platform-specific library allowing other GrapeCity.Documents packages to work with optimized system APIs on Windows. It provides support for font linking specified in the Windows registry, and access to native Windows imaging APIs, improving performance and adding some features.
This is a platform-specific infrastructure library used by GrapeCity.Documents.Common.Windows.
FlexViewer for WinForms is a document previewing control that can be used to preview different document types such as C1Report, C1FlexReport, SSRS, and PDF documents.
FlexReport for WinForms is a comprehensive reporting tool that provides a complete reporting solution from building complex reports to previewing, exporting, and printing.
GrapeCity Documents for Excel is a high-speed, small-footprint spreadsheet API that requires no dependencies on Excel. With full .NET Standard 2.0 support, you can generate, load, modify, and convert spreadsheets in .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono, and Xamarin. Apps using this spreadsheet API can be...
ComponentOne FlexReportDesigner for .NET
RulesManager for WinForms is a UI library that allows you to manage conditional formatting rules at runtime.
GrapeCity Documents for Word (GcWord) is a cross-platform library that allows to create, analyze, and modify Office Word documents without dependencies on MS Office. It exposes a robust and convenient object model (based on Open XML SDK) that provides access to document content and properties such a...
This is a cross-platform library providing optional resources to GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf. This package is not automatically added by GrapeCity.Documents.Pdf. To use it, add a reference to this package to your project.
GrapeCity.Documents.Html (GcHtml) is a cross-platform library that provides HTML processing and rendering features to other GrapeCity.Documents packages (GcPdf, GcImaging).
FlexChart for WinForms is a powerful chart control with support for 80+ chart types, flexible data binding, GDI+ and DirectX rendering.
The ComponentOne Bitmap library for WinForms includes classes and controls for loading, saving and transforming images.
Barcode for WinForms enables you to add barcode images to grid cells, forms, or to regular .NET PrintDocument objects.
Ribbon for WinForms provides a modern toolbar and menu system similar to Office 365 applications. Ribbon supports galleries, toolbars, backstage view, simplified view, and themes.
TreeView for WinForms manages hierarchical data through nodes that can be selected, edited, and used to display simple text, images, and other elements such as check boxes.
Sparkline for WinForms is a lightweight data visualization control for depicting trends and variation.