Top 20 NuGet deep Packages

What you have been waiting for. Perform a deep compare of any two .NET objects using reflection. Shows the differences between the two objects.
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Libraries, GPU Build
This is the Branch Xamarin SDK for Android, iOS and Forms applications.
An extensible deep comparison library for .NET
Provides learning algorithms and models for neural net regression and classification.
FastDeepCloner is very fast portable library, This is a C# cross platform library that is used to deep clone objects, whether they are serializable or not. It intends to be much faster than the normal binary serialization method of deep cloning objects.
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Libraries, CPU-Only Build
Small Library for fast deep or shallow cloning .NET objects. It allows to copy everything and has a lot of performance tricks for fast copying.
This is a lightweight package which is able to run neural networks with weights from different sources like Keras models.
The C# client for the Clarifai v2 API.
Contains Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees, Naive Bayesian models, K-means, Gaussian Mixture models and general algorithms such as Ransac, Cross-validation and Grid-Search for machine-learning applications. This package is part of the Accord.NET Framework.
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit Libraries, UWP CPU-Only Build
Add deep object comparison to your NUnit assertions. Simply use Is.DeepEqualTo in place of Is.EqualTo.
Deep learning library for F#. Provides symbolic model differentiation, automatic differentiation and compilation to CUDA GPUs. Includes optimizers and model blocks used in deep learning. Make sure to set the platform of your project to x64.
Adds general use extension methods to C# classes.
This library uses a fluent helper to configure object clone configuration. You can clone objects or assign reference of given members.
Deep Freeze Strict (deep-freeze-strict) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Deep Extend (deep-extend) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
Simple C# client library for DeepAI's machine learning APIs.
Simple and efficient library for deep copying .NET objects