Top 20 NuGet abstractions Packages

Provides data modeling abstractions. Typically used areas and classes/interfaces/services: - IIdentifiable, IGuidIdentifiable, INamed, ITagged, IHierarchyNode. Kephas Framework ("stone" in aramaic) aims to deliver a solid infrastructure for applications and appli...
Repository wrapper for Azure Table Storage
Adds support for loading configuration, services, logging, command line and more via simple and easy to setup assembly attributes
Adds helpers to easily bootstrap an application using conventions by just using the correct extension method. This adds command line operations, additional configuration, logging and service injections by convention.
ADS Abstractions for .Net Standard / Core. This package contains the base interfaces and implementations necessary for the AdsServer and Client packages. This is a dependent package and should not be used standalone.
Flow orchestration framework for .NET applications
SereneApi is a .NET Library that introduces an intuitive way of consuming your REST APIs while combining a robust set of extensible tools.
Contains further abstractions and interfaces to implement HTTP connectors. Depends on the assembly TeleScope.Connectors.Abstractions.
The abstraction library for Bet.Extensions.Resilience i.e. HTTP, SQL.
Contains basic abstractions and interfaces to implement different types of conncetors. Potential connectors may be used for HTTP-, MQTT-, S7- or SMTP-based protocols.
Contains abstractions to implement a persistence layer for any kind of data source with a minimal contract.
PureActive Logging Abstractions
PureActive Hosting Abstractions
抽象层, 具体使用方法请参阅README.md说明或者联系作者
Common abstractions, extensions and helpers
Abstractions for Leeax.Web.Components package(s).
PureActive Core Abstractions
NetStandard abstractions of Fitbit WebApi
Mobiroller Data Access Layer Abstractions
Mobiroller Server Abstractions