Top 20 NuGet abstractions Packages

Message server model abstractions.
Order processing server model abstractions.
Services server model abstractions.
Store server model abstractions.
User wall server model abstractions.
Description of Work server model abstractions.
HyperTrends.DomainModels.Abstractions: Hypertrends Abstractions
A WPF version of Microsoft.Extensions.PlatformAbstractions describing the environment. Commonly Used Types: ApplicationEnvironment
[Adaptation for .NET 2.0] Abstractions of key-value pair based configuration. This package is an adaptation of Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.Abstractions for .NET Framework 2.0. The original namespaces and API are preserved as much as possible.
Provides simple abstraction layer over an existing logging frameworks.
The core abstractions and public interfaces used for .NET Core application development.
Interfaces for Resource Reservation system
Abstractions for Kyse.AspNetCore.StaticLibrary
Storage abstractions
Package Description
NetStandard abstractions of Fitbit WebApi