Top 20 NuGet httpclient Packages

A library for building REST API client wrappers to be used by .NET Standard 2.0 apps.
A fluent, portable, testable HTTP client library.
This is the Flurl.Http package, repackaged with strongly named assemblies. See for the official project.
Core tools around Flurl and HttpClient
Dependency injection extensions for Correlate.
ASP.NET Core middleware component to correlate requests between microservices using correlation id request headers.
Correlate requests between microservices using a correlation id.
Some simple System.Net.Http.HttpClient helpers to help with your unit tests or when you don't really want to call the endpoint.
A core package for Medidata HMAC protocol implementation. This package contains the core functionality which used by the MAuth authentication protocol-specific components. This package also can be used standalone if you want to sign HTTP/HTTPS requests with Medidata MAuth keys using the .NET HttpCli...
A .NET library for intercepting server-side HTTP dependencies.
Tiny.RestClient facilitates the dialog between your API and your application. It hides all the complexity of communication, deserialisation ... Features : * Modern async http client for REST API. * Support of verbs : GET, POST , PUT, DELETE, PATCH and custom http verbs * Sup...
Provides abtractions to correlate requests between microservices.
The HttpClient factory is a pattern for configuring and retrieving named HttpClients in a composable way. This package integrates IHttpClientFactory with the Polly library, to add transient-fault-handling and resiliency through fluent policies such as Retry, Circuit Breaker, Timeout, Bulkhead Isolat...
SkyAPM.Diagnostics.HttpClient notifies outgoing Http requests.
A modern async HTTP client for REST APIs. Its fluent interface lets you send an HTTP request and parse the response in one go.
HttpClient wrapper for sending SOAP messages.
Polly.Extensions.Http is an extensions package containing opinionated convenience methods for configuring Polly policies to handle transient faults typical of calls through HttpClient.
HttpClient.Caching adds http response caching to HttpClient.
ASP.NET Core middleware to propagate HTTP headers from the incoming request to the outgoing HTTP Client requests This package was built from the source code at