Top 20 NuGet httpclient Packages

このパッケージには、ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries の 日本語 サテライト アセンブリが含まれています。
此程序包包含 ASP.NET Web API Client Libraries 的简体中文附属程序集。
ASP.NET Core middleware to propagate HTTP headers from the incoming request to the outgoing HTTP Client requests This package was built from the source code at
HTTP lambda helpers for Magic, allowing you to invoke HTTP REST endpoints using Magic and Hyperlambda. To use package go to
Lib.Net.Http.EncryptedContentEncoding is a library which adds Encrypted Content-Encoding (aes128gcm) support to HttpClient
Extensions for System.Net.Http (especially HttpClient). Provides convenient methods like GetVerified, PostVerified, PostAsJsonVerified and more which take care of error handling for you. Also supports RFC 7807 (Problem Details). Commonly Used Types: HttpClientExtensions HttpResponseHandler HttpErro...
Generate strongly typed client API in C# or TypeScript for .NET Core Web API. Strongly Typed Client API Generator generates C# and TypeScript codes of strongly typed client API similar to what generated by SvcUtil.exe of WCF, provided you have access to the ASP.NET Web API source codes or assemblies...
OAuth 2.0 authorized HttpClient, friendly with HttpClientFactory
Fluent wrapper over HttpClient to make REST calls easier
A modern async HTTP client for REST APIs. Its fluent interface lets you send an HTTP request and parse the response in one go.
.NET library to mock HTTP responses for HttpClient and verify request expectations with an experience inspired by Moq.
Some simple System.Net.Http.HttpClient helpers to help with your unit tests or when you don't really want to call the endpoint.
Test/mock (3rd party) code reliant on HttpClient, WebClient, HttpWebRequest and WebRequest.Create()
CopyRestAPI is a C# client for the Copy cloud storage service through its RESTful API.
SocksSharp provides support for Socks4/4a/5 and HTTP proxy servers to HttpClient
PostSharp.Patterns.Diagnostics: instrumentation of HttpClient.
An assembly for extending calls in Http-related classes.
WebDAVClient is a strongly-typed, async, C# client for WebDAV.
HttpClient addin for cake build.
Making App Development Easier with a collection of easy to use APIs for working with networking requests for .NET projects across Windows, Android, and iOS.