Top 20 NuGet dll Packages

ASP.NET Identity support for IdentityServer3 repackaged as a dll client library, preventing the addition of volatile source code to the destination project
File provider and package loader that reads embedded resources from managed .dll files by using Mono.Cecil.
LegacyWrapper uses a wrapper process to call dlls from a process of the opposing architecture (X86 or AMD64).
Lua for .NET on Conari engine Provides support* for all popular versions, like: 5.4, 5.3, 5.2, 5.1, ... * There are several methods to use LuNari: API-layer and binding at runtime (DLR, Lambda expressions) with any Lua functions; _ _ _ _ _ _ ...
ResourceLoader is a utility for reading embedded resources from assemblies.
File provider and package loader that reads embedded resources from managed .dll files by using Mono.Cecil.
DotNetSDB is a .NET database library that makes integrating with databases easy again. For information, documentation or any inquiries please refer to the main website for this library.
libLAS is a C/C++ library for reading and writing the very common LAS LiDAR format.
Este pacote inclui as referências e dlls necessárias ao projecto CA.Services
Lua C API for .NET LunaRoad represents a flexible platform to work with Lua. _ _ _ _ _ _ using(var l = new Lua<ILua51>("Lua.dll")) { /* ILua51, ILua52, ILua53, ... */ } _ _ _ _ _ _ Source code and all details here:
The Open Toolkit Library (OpenTK) with OpenAL multimedia support
Yet another load library injector. YALLI is a simple dll injector which uses LoadLibrary in combination with CreateRemoteThread. Nothing fancy.
Functions to use .Net DLL without design reference
Package to expose DLL
This package enables serving all type of files from assemblies (dlls) just like you are exploring using file explorer; even you can serve static files like css/js/images, or dynamic files like aspx, master, ascx files, whatever you wish. For example, if you enable Directory Browsing from IIS for the...
C# wrapper for 7z.dll (included)
Internal implementation package not meant for direct consumption. Please do not reference directly.
This library generates platform invoke implementations for interfaces.
Binder of Unmanaged code for .NET The Conari engine represents flexible platform for work with unmanaged code (native C/C++ etc.): Libraries, Executable Modules, other native and binary data. Lightweight and powerful binding with any exported functions and much...