Top 20 NuGet base64 Packages

A convenience wrapper struct for dealing with URL-safe Base64 encoded globally unique identifiers (GUID), making a shorter string value (22 vs 36 characters long).
A standards-compliant implementation of url-safe base64 encode/decode for .NET projects.
A library for base64 encoding / decoding, as well as base64url support. For .NET Core 3.0 onwards encoding / decoding is done with SIMD-support.
Library for url-compatible base64 encoding/decodin
Parser for Apple Receipt that represented in base64 and encoded with ASN.1
CryptHash.Net is a .NET multi-target class library (.NET Standard 2.0/2.1) that can be used in projects with any .NET implementation, like .NET Framework, .NET Core, Mono, Xamarin, etc., for text and files symmetric (AES_128_CBC / AES_192_CBC / AES_256_CBC / AES_128_GCM / AES_192_GCM / AES_256_GCM) ...
Kode-Aid base64 URL-safe encoding library.
A set of server controls (ImageDraw, ImageDrawButton, and ImageDrawMap) which generate real time on-fly Dynamic Composite Images for ASP.NET. Deliver real time dynamically generated composite images such as picture thumbnails, image buttons, image maps or any other graphical application. Main Featur...
Extensions on the Security .NetFramework
Provides ASP.NET Core model binders to clean up string inputs, handle base-64 values portably, and adapt parsing to a legacy paradigm.
Package description
Ecoji encodes and decodes data using emojis. Like base64, except it's base1024, and uses an emoji alphabet!
The .NET command line tool for Ecoji encoding and decoding. Ecoji is like base64, except it's base1024, and uses an emoji alphabet!
BaseNEncodings.Net is a general base16, base32, base64 encodings library for .NET 2.0+, which is according to RFC 4648. Full details can be found on the project page here:
Standards based implementations of various Base32 and Base64 encoding/decoding methods. These are designed to encode binary data to plain text, and decode the resulting text back to the original binary. This is useful when you need to transfer binary data through technologies that only support text ...
base64 encode/decode for URL applications. dotnet global tool of Base64UrlCore.
base64 encode/decode for URL applications.
Encode and Decode Base64 Example: Base64.Manager.Action.Encode("mystring")