NuGet Package Base3264-UrlEncoder

Standards based implementations of various Base32 and Base64 encoding/decoding methods.

These are designed to encode binary data to plain text, and decode the resulting text back to the original binary. This is useful when you need to transfer binary data through technologies that only support text (such as including binary security tokens in URLs).

Base32Url encodes with only the characters A to Z and 2 to 7. No hyphens, underscores, pluses, slashes or equals are used, making it usable as a URL token in almost all circumstances. Base32Url also supports custom alphabets.

A custom case sensitive alphabet with only consonant (non vowel) characters can be used to ensure your tokens do not contain accidental profanities. The following is an example that avoids vowels, the letter L and has no numeric characters: BCDFGHKMNPQRSTVWXYZbcdfghkmnpqrs.

Base64Url is more compact than Base32Url and it is almost always usable as a URL token or file-name. The only non alpha-numeric characters Base64Url contains are the hyphen (-) and underscore (_) characters, neither of these need further encoding for use in URLs or file-names.

* Supports standard Base32 with padding characters (=) per Base32 from RFC 4648.
* Supports the Base32 extension / alternate alphabet z-base-32 and the asymmetric crockford encoding.


Version: 1.0.2
Author(s): Eric Lau, Mhano Harkness
Last Update: Wednesday, May 31, 2017
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Install-Package Base3264-UrlEncoder
dotnet add package Base3264-UrlEncoder
paket add Base3264-UrlEncoder
Base3264-UrlEncoder Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)