Top 20 NuGet assert Packages

NUnit is a unit-testing framework for all .NET languages. It can run on macOS, Linux and Windows operating systems. NUnit can be used for a wide range of testing, from unit testing with TDD to full-fledged system and integration testing. It is a non-opinionated, broad and dee...
NUnitLite provides a simple way to run NUnit tests, without the overhead of a full NUnit installation. It is suitable for projects that want to have a quick way to run tests using a console runner and don't need all the features of the NUnit engine and console runner. Supported platforms: - .NET Fr...
Shouldly - Assertion framework for .NET. The way asserting *Should* be
A simple package by @ardalis and @nimblepros with guard clause helper methods. See docs for how to extend using your own extension methods defined in your project.
Unquote is not just another DSL or API for making unit test assertions. Instead, assertions are written as plain, statically-checked F# quoted expressions and test failure messages are given as step-by-step F# expression evaluations. Unquote integrates configuration-free with all exception-based un...
A unit test library for .NET that allows you to build tests for FluentValidation rules in easy way.
Advanced testing library for F#
FluentAssertions extensions for WireMock.Net
dotMemory Unit is an additional unit testing framework that allows you to write tests that check code for all kinds of memory issues. For example, these can be tests that determine leaks by checking memory for objects of a particular type, or tests that track memory traffic and fail in case the traf...
Library that provides methods that will help you with mocking Entity Framework Core.
A .NET library providing foundations for automated testing - designed to make it easier to implement test cases and to read their output.
A .NET library for using MSTest (and Moq) on top of the ChannelAdam Test Framework.
Sourcery for SauceLabs - Unlocking SauceLabs capability.
A .NET library for using the open source, .NET Standard MSTest V2 (and Moq) on top of the ChannelAdam Test Framework.
A .NET library that provides helpers for using Moq on top of the ChannelAdam.TestFramework.
Collection of helpers for unit testing with Net Standard
Sourcery for SauceLabs - Unlocking SauceLabs capability
A simple diff comparison asserter that makes it easy to assert if two texts (strings) are equal, and display the differences in a diff tool if they are not. Simply put it is a much simpler (and dumber) version of ApprovalTests that should get the job done for simple scenarios. You can easily create ...
Advanced testing library for F#
Modules that aid in writing concise and precise unit tests to keep applications durable and robust.