Top 20 NuGet abstractions Packages

PureActive Database Abstractions
PureActive Logging Abstractions
PureActive Hosting Abstractions
PureActive Network Abstractions
PureActive Core Abstractions
Provides modelling abstractions for data, like identifiable entities, hierarchy nodes, and so on.
PureActive Archive Abstractions
Abstractions for IFileprovider that can open package files. For example ""
Repository wrapper for Azure Table Storage
Abstractions for localization class library for .NET
PureActive Orleans Abstractions
Abstractions project contains interfaces that you may use to implement authentication and authorization logic and to transform user claims principal into a rich domain entity.
This package defines low-level abstractions used by other CodeGator packages. Platforms supported: .NET 4.61 or above .NET Standard 2.0 or above
PureHub Core Abstractions
This package delivery an interface to be used in any application concern for caching purposes.
Abstractions for a startup system and service registration for a DI container.
.NET library for abstractions and other things to aid with .net development.
This package delivery interfaces to be used in any application concern for http requests.
Provides simple abstraction layer over an existing logging frameworks.
The core abstractions and public interfaces used for .NET Core application development.